About the Higashida Conference for Sustainability Kitakyushu proudly hosted the International Conference of Design for Sustainability in 2013, and we then decided to have our own annual conference of Sustainability in the following years. This would give people in the local area a chance to share ideas about sustainability with various people right here in the city.  

Theme: Building Human Capacity for Sustainability–How can we use human power in sustainability projects?

We choose conference themes based on talking points that came up at the previous conferences. In 2014, the theme was “Community.” During that conference, the topic of how to use the existing talents of people to improve their communities came up as a common theme during the discussions. So, we decided to explore this idea further in the 2015 conference. Meaningful, long-lasting change in a community requires stakeholders to take responsibility in community projects—so how should it be done? This is one of the questions we would like to answer this year, under the sub-topics of Energy, Environmental Education, Food, Gender, and Waste.






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